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    Faculty of EconomicsAssociate Professor


  • 東京大学

Research Achievements


  • From Classical Market View to Marxian Market View: Reinterpreting the Theory of Market Value, World Review of Political Economy, 2018
  • The Crisis Theory and the Stages Theory in the Uno School, Marx-Engels Jahrbuch 2017/18, 2018
  • Capital and "Financialization" [in Japanese], 大分大学経済論集, 2019
  • Banking and Capital: Criticising the Method of “Differentiation and Development” of the Market System [in Japanese], 歴史と経済, 2019
  • [Note] Rethinking Imperialism: A Provisional Reappraisal of Kozo Uno’s Critique of Imperialism, Oita University Economic Review, 2019
  • Kozo Uno's Theory of Commercial Capital, 마르크스주의 연구, 2019
  • Expressing Value Quantitatively, 마르크스주의 연구, 2020
  • Commodity and Commodity Debt: a discussion [in Japanese], 大分大学経済論集, 2019
  • Irregularities of Capitalist Market with Plural Conditions of Production [in Japanese], 季刊経済理論, 2013
  • Market Value in Capitalistic Market [in Japanese], 経済学研究(東京大学), 2013
  • Dichotomy in Crisis : Interpreting Crisis in Capitalistic Market [in Japanese], 季刊経済理論, 2014
  • Economic Impacts of Receiving International Design Awards in Japan, The Bulletin of Japanese Society for the Science of Design, 2015
  • Capitalist Market and Crisis [in Japanese], 東京大学, 2015
  • Marxian Political Economy Transforming : Reviewing Michiaki Obata's Three Critiques [in Japanese], 経済学論集(東京大学), 2017
  • Expressing Value Quantitatively : The Basis of the Value-Form [in Japanese], 経済学論集(東京大学), 2017
  • Tokyo as a Global City:analyzing international patent application of Japanese firms (No.1) [in Japanese], 東和知財研究, 2017
  • Money of Account and the Value-form Analysis [in Japanese], 季刊経済理論, 2018
  • What is "Capital"? [in Japanese], 歴史と経済, 2018
  • Tokyo as a Global City:analyzing international patent application of Japanese firms (No.2) [in Japanese], 東和知財研究, 2018
  • The Rise and Fall of the Critique of Imperialism: Based on Kozo Uno’s Approach [in Japanese], 歴史と経済, 2018


  • 2018, Another Marx [in Japanese], 2018
  • 2018, Capitalist Market and Crisis [in Japanese], 日本経済評論社, 2018
  • 2015, Invitation to the Principles of Political Economy, 響文社, 2016
  • 2014, Analysis of the Theory of Crisis [in Japanese], 創風社, 2014
  • 2019, Redesigning the Principles of Political Economy [in Japanese], ぱる出版, 2019
  • 2020, 桜井書店, 2021

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