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    Saizo Mori

Research Achievements


  • 中等教育研究紀要, 1996
  • 中等教育研究紀要, 2001
  • 中等教育研究紀要, 2002
  • Teaching History for Understanding one's own Country, 社会認識教育学研究, 1995
  • A Study on Positioning of the Teaching History in Social Education, 社会認識教育学研究, 1992
  • A Development of Teaching Contents for Understanding Contemporary World in "World History" : In the cases of "Islamic World", 社会認識教育学研究, 2006
  • 中等教育研究紀要, 2001
  • 中等教育研究紀要, 2002
  • Development of Teaching Materials about the Theory of modernization, 社会認識教育学研究, 1993
  • A Study on Teaching History based on Multiculturalism : Through the Development of Teaching Plan for the Modern and Contemporary History, 社会認識教育学研究, 2001
  • 中等教育研究紀要, 2001
  • 中等教育研究紀要, 2005
  • Development of Teaching Materials for Understanding Contemporary World in High School World History (Report 2) : The Case of "Contemporary China", 社会認識教育学研究, 2009
  • Lesson Construction for Conceptual Research and Curricular Innovation : A Lesson Plan for the Unit, 'The Development of Nation State in Thailand'(Research into the Excellence in Teaching and Learning Social Studies in Secondary Schools), 社会科教育論叢, 2006
  • A Study of Teaching History for Understanding the Modern World, 社会科研究, 1994
  • Construction of a Lesson in Contemporary History : A Teaching Plan on the "Formation and Future of Nation States"(Part 4), 社会科研究, 1999
  • Teaching History Based on Pluralism : Considering the Nature of History through Regions, 社会科研究, 2003
  • Teaching History as Social Science Education to Develop a Person Who Criticizes the World : A Teaching Plan for "Wars in Japanese Modern and Contemporary History", 社会科研究, 2008
  • 社会科研究, 2009
  • 社会科研究, 2012
  • Teachers' Practical Strategies Involving Why-Questions in Social Studies Lessons : Based on the Target and Viewpoint of Questioning, 社会科研究, 2015
  • Lesson Development to Foster a Critical Thinking Capacity in Social Studies : Inquiring into the Contradictions of Value Judgements, 社会認識教育学研究, 2015
  • A study on introductory lesson plan of social studies of high school (2) World history A, 学部・附属学校共同研究紀要, 2007
  • 中等教育研究紀要 /広島大学附属福山中・高等学校, 2011
  • 中等教育研究紀要 /広島大学附属福山中・高等学校, 2004
  • 中等教育研究紀要 /広島大学附属福山中・高等学校, 2004
  • 中等教育研究紀要 /広島大学附属福山中・高等学校, 2006
  • 中等教育研究紀要 /広島大学附属福山中・高等学校, 2007
  • 中等教育研究紀要 /広島大学附属福山中・高等学校, 2008
  • 中等教育研究紀要 /広島大学附属福山中・高等学校, 2009
  • 学部・附属学校共同研究紀要, 2000
  • 社会科教育, 2008
  • Study of Practical Strategies for Fostering Cogitations about Social Studies Lessons : Based on "The Logic of Abduction" by Pierce, 社会系教科教育学研究, 2016

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