AHMED Kamruddin

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    Faculty of MedicineAssociate Professor


    AHMED Kamruddin


  • 長崎大学, Mar. 1992



  • 2008
  • 2008

Research Achievements

Field of Study


Research Title

  • rotavirus, rotavirus
  • rotavirus, rotavirus
  • rotavirus, rotavirus
  • rabies, rabies


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  • 2012, Serial passage of a street rabies virus in mouse neuroblastoma cells resulted in attenuation: potential role of the additional N-glycosylation of a viral glycoprotein in the reduced pathogenicity of street rabies virus., Virus Res., 2012


  • 2011, 医薬ジャーナル
  • 2011, 医薬ジャーナル

Learned Societies to Belong

  • Bangladesh Medical Assoication
  • Australasian College of Tropical Medicine

Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research

  • 2011-2014

Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research(For10years)

  • Rotavirus strain surveillnce in Turkey as a key to understand the global emergence of novel serotype, 2005-2007
  • 2007-2010

Collaborative Research and Sponsored Research

  • 2007, 平成19年度総合地球環境学研究所 熱帯アジアの環境変化と感染症
  • 2008, 平成20年度総合地球環境学研究所 熱帯アジアの環境変化と感染症

Social Contribution

Social Activities

  • 2008

International Research Project

  • 2008

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