FacultyWelfare and health science



    Welfare and health scienceProfessor


    KAWAKAMI Keisuke

Research Achievements

Field of Study

    Rehabilitation science/welfare engineering, Physical Therapy Fundamentals


  • Training at non-damaging intensities facilitates recovery from muscle atrophy, Muscle & Nerve, 2017
  • Stand-up exercise training facilitates muscle recovery from disuse atrophy by stimulating myogenic satellite cell proliferation in mice., Physiological Reports, 2014
  • Stretch speed-dependent myofiber damage and functional deficits in rat skeletal muscle induced by lengthening contraction., Physiological Reports, 2014
  • Force- and Ca2+-dependent internalization of integrin in cultured endothelial cells, The Journal of Cell Science, 2011
  • Involvement of PI3K/Akt/TOR pathway in stretch-induced hypertrophy of myotubes, Muscle and Nerve, 2010
  • Repetitive stretch suppresses denervation-induced atrophy of soleus muscle in rats., Muscle and Nerve, 2009
  • Uniaxial cyclic stretch-stimulated glucose transport is mediated by a ca-dependent mechanism in cultured skeletal muscle cells., Pathobiology, 2007
  • Dynamics of integrin clustering at focal contacts of endothelial cells studied by multimode imaging microscopy., The Journal of Cell Science, 2001
  • Intramembrane structure of the sensory axon terminals in bullfrog muscle spindles, The Anatomical Record, 1998
  • Heart and Vessels, 1997
  • Comparative freeze-fracture studies of type I and type IIA fibers isolated from human thumb adductor muscles, European Journal of Experimental Musculoskeletal Research, 1993
  • Novel myosin isoform in nuclear chain fibers of rat muscle spindles produced in response to endurance swimming, Journal of Applied Physiology, 1992

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