Hisato Sugata

FacultyWelfare and health science
PositionAssistant Professor



    Welfare and health scienceAssistant Professor


    Hisato Sugata


  • 大阪大学, 2012


    hsugataoita-u.ac.jp, https://researchmap.jp/sugata_hst/

Research Achievements

Field of Study

    Rehabilitation science/welfare engineering


  • Effect of individual food preferences on oscillatory brain activity, Brain and behavior, 2019
  • Transcranial static magnetic stimulation over the primary motor cortex alters sequential implicit motor learning, Neuroscience Letters, 2019
  • 理学療法のエビデンス構築に向けた運動イメージ・運動模倣の神経基盤の探索, 日本基礎理学療法学雑誌, 2018
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  • Language-related cerebral oscillatory changes are influenced equally by genetic and environmental factors, NeuroImage, 2016
  • Common neural correlates of real and imagined movements contributing to the performance of brain-machine interfaces, Scientific reports, 2016
  • Real-Time Control of a Neuroprosthetic Hand by Magnetoencephalographic Signals from Paralysed Patients, Scientific reports, 2016
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  • A peptidyl-prolyl isomerase, FKBP12, accumulates in Alzheimer neurofibrillary tangles, Neurosci Lett., 2009


  • メジカルビュー社, 2019


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